Safeguarding your business essentials. Your organization can’t run at its best if your people, assets, operations and facilities are vulnerable to harm. We can help you protect your organization from hazards that disrupt productivity and threaten your success. No matter what potential risks you face, we can tailor a life safety solution that preserves your investments and brings peace of mind.

We offer comprehensive, integrated solutions to meet your most pressing life safety requirements.

Industry Solutions

Sound and Communication

In an emergency, your people need timely, accurate information that they can see and hear clearly. Our solutions can help move them away from danger in a controlled way. Find Out More

Fire Detection and Alarm

Our industry-leading fire detection and alarm solutions are scalable and customizable, so you can find the right fit for your needs. Find Out More

Fire Sprinkler and Suppression

For projects large or small, conventional or addressing special hazards, we’ll help you find the best solution for your specific application. Find Out More

Integrated Security

With security challenges increasing in complexity, we can help you layer levels of protection with a multi-technology, integrated approach. Find Out More


Our time solution products can meet the demands of any organization that needs to track, control or synchronize time. Find Out More