Networked technology brings your information to one location, giving you better command and control. Our fire alarm network communicates information among distributed Simplex fire alarm control panels, enabling each panel to maintain the status and control of its own points, and monitor and control points physically connected to other network panels. Network solutions are an efficient way to address facility size or complexity, allowing, for example, panels to communicate regarding the evacuation of a specific block of floors versus an entire building. By bringing your panel information to a central location, you gain a single system view without the need to visit multiple physical locations. Networking improves survivability; if a single panel loses communication, all remaining panels can still communicate with each other. Our solutions also offer client server capability, creating the ability to monitor activity and remotely view information from a PC with the appropriate software.

Benefits Of Network Solutions

  • A single system view delivers better command and control, especially ideal for large campuses and facilities
  • Each panel maintains the status and control of its own points; each can also monitor and control points physically connected to other network panels
  • Multiple Network Loops for campus and other high panel quantity applications
  • Network-wide initiation of alarm silence, acknowledge, and reset; and investigation of status and details of system points and point lists
  • Distributed system operation to ensure excellent continuity; during a communications fault condition
  • Command center that provides centralized network annunciation, historical logging, report generation, and control of fire alarm network points

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