Addressable notification is game-changing technology that’s helping us take safety in a new direction.  Our advanced SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES notification solutions now include the industry’s first addressable speakers with individual audio control. We’re leveraging our full suite of addressable notification technologies to provide benefits through every phase in the life of a building.

•  At the design stage, architects and engineers will enjoy fewer roadblocks, thanks to the industry’s most flexible wiring architecture.

•  Installation time can be cut by up to one-third because of the flexible wiring scheme of TrueAlert ES appliances. Plus, they require smaller gauge wiring, cutting equipment costs by up to 50%.

•  Testing and maintenance is far easier and more cost-effective. The revolutionary self-testing capability of TrueAlert ES appliances enables testing to be done through a SIMPLEX fire alarm panel, greatly reducing interruptions to building occupants and business operations. Plus, the devices are electronically supervised 24/7, giving facility managers greater control and confidence that the system is ready to perform.

•  When it’s time to expand, TrueAlert ES products are highly scalable, so the system can grow as your needs evolve.

Whether you’re looking for visual messaging via texts, conventional appliances such as horns, multi-candela strobes, horn/strobes, speakers and speaker/strobes, our advanced addressable notification solutions can help make protecting your people, property and business operations more reliable, flexible and cost-effective.


Benefits Of Notification

  • Global addressability – intelligent communications between initiating devices, notification appliances and the control panel
  • Fewer wires, more appliances per circuit, fewer installation errors
  • Appliances tested during installation for cost-efficient, on-the-spot problem resolution
  • Enhanced survivability – device-level ground faults identified and isolated automatically, resolvable in minutes
  • Quick, unobtrusive testing of individual devices or an entire system
  • Fast testing, diagnostics and maintenance that lowers long-term cost of ownership
  • Notification appliance circuits synchronized to meet ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) requirements

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