Mass notification systems allow communication with large groups that may be impacted by a situation such as an emergency (fire, shooting, security breach) or a routine event (facility closing, traffic, weather). These solutions are critically important in helping facilities and safety executives address the range of threats and emergencies that can occur in today’s world. Increasingly, they are seeking more robust levels of protection, improved communications, and the ability to mitigate, prepare, respond and recover from incidents.

Tyco SimplexGrinnell can design, install and service reliable, cost-efficient mass notification systems that work across indoor, outdoor and electronic environments, using integrated, multi-layered technologies, including: voice-enabled fire alarm systems, loud speakers, duress stations, electronic messaging displays, and messages sent to phones. Our solutions include emergency communications systems (a subset of our overall mass notification capabilities) and are designed to deliver scalable protection that adapts to evolving events.

Key Benefits And Capabilities

  • Improve situational awareness and strengthen response
  • Customizable multi-tiered, flexible technology
  • Redundant and reliable; incorporated into building systems
  • Leverage indoor and wide-area visual and audio messaging
  • Messages shared with dispersed users via smart phones and other devices
  • Broadcast critical messages quickly, all from a simplified web-based interface
  • Part of an overall life-safety solution

Other Communication Solutions

  • Emergency Communications

    Emergency Communications

    In an emergency, the need is immediate. We can customize a real-time emergency notification system — audible and visual notification, as well as text displays — to share lifesaving information inside and outside of your buildings. Find Out More >

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