We can help you get maximum clarity and usability from your system. Whether you want to use your Public Address and Intercom system for routine announcements or as a component of your emergency notification, we can help. Our systems are successful in diverse applications and demanding environments, such as clean rooms, high-bay areas, and hard surfaces, and are designed to provide audio clarity and prevent feedback. We’ll help you evaluate signal processing for intelligibility; choice of technology platform (traditional, structured cable, Ethernet-based); zoning for destination selectivity; access management, prioritization and traffic analysis, and speaker selection for both acoustical and aesthetic considerations. However you plan to use your system, we’ll keep it as simple as speaking into a microphone or dialing an access code on a telephone and speaking into the mouthpiece.

From Routine Announcement To Urgent Notification

  • Advanced solutions for diverse applications: multi-level buildings; campuses; retail stores and malls; warehouses and factories; airports, train and bus stations; restaurants and sports bars; theme parks and convention halls
  • Reproduce a live or pre-recorded voice message directed to a person or group outside of the originator’s hearing distance
  • Allow a listener to respond directly through an audio speaker for two-way communications (Intercom)
  • Music (sometimes called “program”) distribution
  • Networked controls allow for smaller main control consoles
  • Transmit audio communication via LAN/WAN infrastructure and the Internet

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