Synchronization is a key element in managing any business or facility. When you’re coordinating multiple people and schedules, it’s important to make sure everyone is running on the same clock. Building owners, facilities managers, engineers, architects, electrical contractors and others can benefit from Master Time and Control solutions. We can help you install a new clock system or expand an existing one, and offer service plans that protect your investment and keep your critical equipment running efficiently with minimal downtime.

Benefits Of Master Time Control Solutions

  • Custom solution for your facility including custom dials, cases, hands and typefaces to tower clocks to fit any architectural specifications
  • Wireless GPS Clock System for schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants and more, wirelessly synchronizes all clocks across your facilities, saving time and effort
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) clocks synchronize every clock on your network, maximizing efficiency and ensuring everyone is keeping the same time
  • Durable digital and analog clocks, manufactured with long-life movements and high impact lenses and cases, are reliable and easy-to-read

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