Every business needs date validation. Whether you’re date-stamping documents like bank deposit slips or medical records, or keeping a log of receipts and reservations at a hotel, time/date stamps simplify organization and provide proof of when documents were received and processed. Our versatile products can be used as clocks or stamps, with customizable comment fields, master clock interface and other features that make them ideal for time/date printing on documents, employee time recording, dispatching and more.

Benefits Of Time And Date Stamping

  • Know exactly when you received or processed incoming mail, receipts, medical records, invoices, bank and brokerage house documents, hotel reservations and more
  • Versatile but easy-to-use products
  • Add text fields, interface with a master clock and bells, number documents, customize date and printing formats, and more
  • Fully electronic time/date stamps for regular office or high-volume industrial environments, and have features such as memory and battery back-up protection
  • Products with both time clock and time/date stamp modes, which can be used for stamping, employee time recording, job costing and dispatching
  • Service plans that protect your investment and keep your critical equipment running efficiently with minimal downtime

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