Reporting helps validate the testing and inspection process for both you and industry regulators. We offer both standard reporting and Electronic Inspection Reporting (EIR) to help you meet your needs for inspection documentation. With standard reporting, we can give you a comprehensive report, containing the information often required to meet your life safety system code requirements. Electronic Inspection Reporting automates the documentation, reporting and maintenance of your testing and inspection records -  an advancement that dramatically simplifies reporting. Additionally, you can easily access your current and archived inspection reports, generate reports in approved formats for The Joint Commission or NFPA.

Simplified Reporting and Record Keeping

  • Instantly capture inspection information onsite and create electronically-generated Inspection and Deficiency reports
  • The convenience of online report management anytime, anyplace
  • Eliminate delays and other drawbacks associated with manual inspection reporting
  • Simplified inspection and reporting process regardless of your industry
  • Comprehensive audit trail of all inspections for code and regulatory compliance
  • Ability to inspect and report on life safety equipment from both SimplexGrinnell and other manufacturers*
  • Report formats designed by NFPA and Joint Commission experts
  • Fewer business disruptions with report data available at your fingertips

*Restrictions may apply, based on manufacturer requirements

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Customer Portal

Request, track and manage your service the easy, online way, from looking up invoices, reports or inspection data to scheduling technician visits. Find out more

Electronic Inspection Reporting

Now you can access all of your reports instantly and electronically. Find out more

Inspection Documentation

Appropriate documentation of each inspection and the results can help you satisfy your industry and state code requirements. Find out more

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Customer Portal Fact Sheet
Customer Portal Fact Sheet

When you need access to key information, it's simpler to have what you need right at your fingertips, ready whenever you are.

Tools to Help Streamline the Life Safety System Inspection Process
Tools to Help Streamline the Life Safety System Inspection Process

When it comes to meeting today's most pressing challenges in healthcare facilities management, innovative web technologies can make a big difference - helping to create a safe, secure environment while supporting the overall efforts to simplify operations, improve efficiency and ensure compliance.