Cover all your reporting and compliance requirements instantly and electronically. Ensuring compliance with applicable codes and regulations, and being able to monitor and report on all aspects of your life safety systems at any time, can be a massive undertaking if you don’t have a good system in place. With Electronic Inspection Reporting (EIR), you never have to scramble to find reports for a Joint Commission audit or a visit from a fire marshal.  EIR automates the documentation of your testing and inspections, simplifying record-keeping  for your fire alarm, sprinkler, suppression, security and emergency communications systems.  Everything you need is archived, organized, and at your fingertips on the Customer Portal.

Benefits of Electronic Inspection Reporting

  • Simplify the entire inspection and records-keeping process by automating the documentation, reporting and maintenance of your testing and inspection records
  • Provides unlimited access to current and archived inspection reports – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – via the Customer Portal
  • Supports compliance with NFPA, Joint Commission and other regulatory requirements across your fire, security and communications systems
  • Electronic Inspection Reporting maintains your records and can generate reports in approved formats
  • Having your documentation ready at all times will make agency audits faster and easier, so that patients, business operations or other processes are disturbed less
  • Integrated deficiency lifecycle tracking that can help identify and correct deficiencies before they become a threat to safety or compliance

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