The ultimate peace of mind. If an event occurs, you want your monitoring company to respond seamlessly, triggering instant communications to multiple parties and a plan of action designed to save lives, property and assets. Central Station Monitoring (CSM) Service provides around-the-clock electronic surveillance and end-to-end coverage across your infrastructure. Additionally, we offer a true advancement in fire panel monitoring with TrueInsightSM, an Internet-based remote diagnostics service with real-time visibility. TrueInsight automates the detection and notification of abnormal conditions in the fire panel for quicker service response and increased first-time fix rate. It can also predict certain upcoming needs, reducing business disruptions.

Fast Response, Precisely Monitored

  • End-to-end coverage across your infrastructure - fire systems, security, elevator alarm and other critical sensor devices
  • Highly trained, experienced professionals monitoring your premises around the clock
  • Action plans developed to notify authorities and to guide emergency personnel and designated individuals in your organization
  • Daily fire alarm signal testing to ensure proper communication
  • Automated alerts mean better diagnostics, more efficient service
  • Remote diagnostics for quicker response times, faster panel recovery and avoidance of nuisance alarms
  • Intelligent dispatch for faster resolution, increased up-time and higher first time fix rate

How We Can Help

Central Station Monitoring

As a national UL-listed/Factory Mutual-approved monitoring service focused on commercial and institutional facilities, our response times can helps save lives and minimize damage to your property. Find out more

Remote Diagnostics

TrueInsight ℠ Remote Service is a game changer. It’s a web-based technology that provides real-time visibility into the operation of your Simplex system – revolutionizing the way fire alarm service is delivered to you. Find out more

Emergency Service and Repair

Minimize business disruption when you make us your one-call solution for every system and service, 24/7/365. We’re ready to help even if you’re not a current customer. Find out more

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Why We Can Help You

TrueAlert Emergency Visual Messaging Display
TrueAlert Emergency Visual Messaging Display

Manage emergency events with new technology for communicating critical information via text messaging on visual display units. You can also communicate general, nonemergency messages during non-alarm period.s

Emergency Communications Solutions
Emergency Communications Solutions

We can customize a real-time emergency notification system — audible and visual notification, as well as text displays — to share lifesaving information inside and outside of your buildings.


TrueInsight Remote Services provides our expert remote service technicians an electronic window into the operation of your entire Simplex fire alarm system, 24/7/365.

Central Station Monitoring
Central Station Monitoring

In an emergency, every second counts. We can provide 24/7 monitoring of your building's life safety systems.