A small Pennsylvania college with untraditional campus uses and limited staff needed to make upgrades to their antiquated fire and life-safety systems as most were hardwired, non-addressable panels. School officials developed objectives to increase efficiencies and they knew they had to enlist a vendor to reach their goals. They recognized the need to select a vendor that could integrate multiple technologies and one that they could depend on for regular maintenance. As a result, Johnson Controls was brought on as a fire and life-safety integration partner.

The roadmap to safety

As a first step in the partnership, Johnson Controls outlined a long-term roadmap for upgrades. This approach was particularly useful as the college, like other institutions, dealt with budget restraints. Providing a clear plan helped make sure fire and security solutions worked within budget. Once the updates were agreed upon, Johnson Controls worked to implement an integrated fire and life-safety system that enabled the college to pinpoint the exact location of fires, reduce the number of false alarms and report to a centralized location. The system also provided survivability as it was connected to the security system and allowed for systems expansion.

Systems integration proved to be a great help to the college’s security team as the college frequently uses its campus for out-of-class purposes, such as large conferences, camps and theatre programs. Johnson Controls recognized the staffing limitations these events caused and ensured a high level of responsiveness in service in order to provide extended capabilities to their in-house team. This has enabled security to support the college’s ability to generate additional revenue.

Integrated technology leads to security efficiency

As a result of an integrated strategy to fire and life-safety, the college’s security force teams can now respond to events more efficiently since they’re armed with more detailed information from the central monitoring system. Campus officials are also able to take a data-driven proactive approach to protecting students and faculty from the unexpected.

Johnson Controls has dedicated education solutions specialists who work with public and private educational institutions to improve classroom safety and campus security. Learn more about our integrated security solutions here.