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Sound and Communication

Clinical Workflow and Mobile Monitoring

Clinical workflow solutions is an important element in helping mobile caregivers ensure the best possible outcomes. Timeliness and efficiency are critical at every step of the care process. Find out more

Purpose built Wireless Phones for Healthcare

Myco is a purpose-built mobile communication that consolidates information from a myriad of hospital systems and delivers it into the hands of clinicians. Find out more

Emergency Communications Solutions

We can customize a real-time emergency notification system — audible and visual notification, as well as text displays — to share lifesaving information inside and outside of your buildings. Find out more

Telligence Nurse Call

SimplexGrinnell and Ascom team up to provide world-class installation and services with innovative technology including nurse call and mobile phones to help you improve and sustain patient satisfaction survey results. Find out more

Hear the new sound of compliance

With the introduction of the TrueAlert ES Multi-Tone Horn with 520 Hz low-frequency signaling, you now have flexible options for meeting new NFPA 72 low-frequency standards. Find out more

7 Reasons to Select Addressable Notification

Advancements in technology can bring exciting, game-changing innovations to the industry. Such was the case in the 1990s, when Simplex broke new ground by bringing addressable technology to fire detection systems. Find out more

Fire Detection and Alarm

TrueInsight Remote Service

SimplexGrinnell continually invests in new technology that can improve life-safety protection and provide added value to our customers. Find out more

Fire Alarm Spare Parts Kit

For quick fixes, keep a convenient kit of easy-to-install parts right at your site. Find out more

4100ES Upgrades: What You Need to Know

Exciting new features, enhanced serviceability, an extraordinary upgrade. Find out more

4100ES for Contractors

Efficient installation, extraordinary technology, enhanced for contractors. Find out more

Fire Sprinkler and Suppression

5-Year Obstruction Inspection Service

Arrange for a five-year sprinkler system obstruction inspection and receive recommendations for appropriate corrective actions. Find out more

Service Solutions from SimplexGrinnell

In a world where business demands and risks are high, partnering with a knowledgeable life-safety service provider is paramount. Find out more

Electronic Inspection Reporting

Conducting timely inspections of your life-safety systems is vital to any comprehensive life-safety strategy. Find out more

Addressing Life Safety Challenges in Industrial Settings

Managing industrial facilities can be a difficult balancing act. Your number-one objective is to keep the plant productive - day in and day out. Find out more

Integrated Security

Magnolia Regional Medical Center

Magnolia Regional Medical Center's new state-of-the-art facility features an array of advanced technology systems, including a packaged communications and life-safety solution from SimplexGrinnell. Find out more

Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field is home to the Green Bay Packers - one of the most storied teams in sports. The job of securing this historic stadium and everyone in it requires another experienced team: SimplexGrinnell. Find out more


How To: Time Stamp Adjustment

Simplex Time/Date stamps have countless applications. So, when you're time/date stamp needs adjusting, we're here as your resource. Find out more


The AS2000 is a complete time, attendance and access control system using face recognition technology to instantly identify employees. Find out more

Fire Sprinkler Obstruction Inspections

Presenter: Frank Monikowski, Fire Sprinkler Manager at SimplexGrinnell with 35 years of experience in the fire protection industry. Watch the webinar now. Find out more


SimplexGrinnell's AS1000 system automatically calculates worked hours including overtime while tracking benefit time for up to 1,000 employees. Find out more