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Simplex TrueAlert ES 5900 Series Notification Appliances

This film is about our Simplex TrueAlert ES 5900 Series Notification Appliances and shows the key highlights:

• Advanced LED technology
• Smaller footprint and a streamlined, modern design
• Lower power consumption
• UL listed and NFPA compliant
• Easier to install and service
• Programmable candela and tone settings
• Non-disruptive self-test capability

Everyone wants their buildings to be safe, look great and use less power. A top quality fire detection system is vital to helping your facility – and its occupants – stay safe. But, all too often, these systems require notification appliances that detract from the building’s décor and consume significant main and battery power. SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES 5900 Series notification appliances solve this problem by striking the perfect balance between form and function.

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