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5 Key Benefits of Addressable Speaker Technology in Healthcare Institutions

The value of addressable technology is truly starting to take hold on the notification side of fire alarm systems. In these addressable notification systems, each device has a unique address and built-in intelligence to continually report its status to a fire alarm panel. Find out more

Lynx Emergency Alert Notification

Emergency situations are on the rise. When events occur, the importance of informing everyone within an organization or facility quickly and accurately has become critical. Learn how Lynx Emergency Notification can be installed to help enhance protection. Find out more

5 Key Benefits of SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES Addressable Speaker Technology

SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES speakers are the industry’s first addressable speakers with individual audio control—which means you can program different messages for different parts of your building or campus. Find out more

A Holistic Approach to Effective/Cost-Effective Life Safety Solutions

These are challenging times for healthcare administrators and facilities teams as they strive to do more with less. Get some ideas to help plan and implement holistic life-safety solutions that can cost-effectively serve the needs of your organization. Find out more

What to Expect When You’re Inspecting

Offering fire system inspections and compliance assurance not only elevates safety but delivers contractors a host of benefits. It is critical that installing contractors help end users meet safety standards and go beyond the norm to apply best practices and advanced technologies that can enhance life safety. Find out more

Tools to Help Streamline the Life Safety System Inspection Process

When it comes to meeting today's most pressing challenges in healthcare facilities management, innovative web technologies can make a big difference - helping to create a safe, secure environment while supporting the overall efforts to simplify operations, improve efficiency and ensure compliance. Find out more

Enhancing Productivity and Patient Satisfaction

Smart, integrated platforms enable advanced solutions to support the needs of today's healthcare facilities. Find out more

Addressing Life Safety Challenges in Industrial Settings

Managing industrial facilities can be a difficult balancing act. Your number-one objective is to keep the plant productive - day in and day out. Find out more

7 Reasons to Select Addressable Notification

Advancements in technology can bring exciting, game-changing innovations to the industry. Such was the case in the 1990s, when Simplex broke new ground by bringing addressable technology to fire detection systems. Find out more