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Underwriter Lab (UL) is a safety science company that certifies, validates, tests, inspects, audits, advises, and trains. The requirement for UL system certification varies by area, even within the same state. The process every aspect of a fire system, extending beyond the usual codes and standards. For example, when a fire system is installed, UL certification would involve an very specific documentation and verification process: documenting each piece of equipment, ensuring that each piece bears a UL sticker and is a listed product; confirming the number and color of wires, and so on.

Other UL certifications apply to our district or regional offices and must be renewed yearly. These address areas with a lower incidence of false alarms because systems are being installed and maintained properly.  UL certification simply makes systems better for our customers and our company is audited by UL every three years to help ensure a quality program.

SimplexGrinnell also has UL-certified products ranging from smoke detectors for special applications to Central Station protective signaling devices.

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