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Award recognizes contributions of Tyco team to security advocacy in government relations

Silver Spring, Md. (May 19, 2016)—The Security Industry Association (SIA) is pleased to recognize staff at Tyco, with U.S. headquarters in Princeton, N.J., for their excellent work as the 2016 SIA Policy Leadership Team of the Year.

The Tyco leaders include Art Jones, Craig Sharman, John Gaydos, John Steele, Timothy Alexander, Stafford Mahfouz and Mason Hurst.

The SIA Government Relations Committee will bestow the 2016 SIA Policy Leadership Team of the Year Award upon these individuals for their exemplary effort and generous commitment of time, resources and expertise to guide government relations activities benefiting the security industry as a whole at the 2016 SIA Government Summit. Tyco’s leadership is an excellent example of the shared benefits of maximizing employee engagement through SIA in a coordinated way.

“When it comes to security industry advocacy in the past year, these professionals from Tyco truly rise to the top for their expertise and effectiveness,” said Jake Parker, SIA director of government relations. “They have provided unparalleled leadership to the Security Industry Association in matters relating to federal and state legislative and regulatory affairs on behalf of our industry, and we have all benefited from their efforts. They truly deserve recognition as with the SIA Policy Leadership Team of the Year Award.”

“The Security Industry Association has always encouraged members to be active, and the association is an effective platform to raise issues affecting our industry. I’m very proud of our team and the partnership we have with SIA to advance public policy in areas of security, technology and life safety. Thank you for recognizing our team with this tremendous award,” said Art Jones, Vice President Global Public Affairs, Tyco and President, Tyco Cares Foundation.

“We are more effective as an industry when we speak with one voice. Now, more than ever before, the Security Industry Association offers a collaborative mechanism to address issues affecting the industry as a whole, for the benefit of all. Working with other SIA companies, large and small, has been both personally and professionally rewarding. I highly encourage other members to join us in being as involved as possible and recommend others in industry to join SIA. ,” said John Gaydos, Vice President, Federal Systems Division at Tyco Integrated Security.

SIA will recognize the Tyco team at the SIA Policy Leadership Awards Dinner, which immediately follows the first full day of the SIA Government Summit at the Lincoln Restaurant (1110 Vermont Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C.) on Thursday, June 16, 2016. The dinner is open to registered attendees of the SIA Government Summit. Registration for the 2016 SIA Government Summit is open at

For more information on the SIA Government Summit, contact Jake Parker at or 301-804-4722.

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