A critical part of your business is creating a certain atmosphere for your guests, and that includes minimizing any disruptions. We are premier building systems integrator, helping your systems work together for optimal protection while simplifying your management of fire and life safety solutions. We can help you with solutions that keep your premises safe and secure, utilizing advanced technology, such as remote diagnostics, to limit disturbance to your guests. From fire alarms to fire sprinklers, emergency and exit lighting to kitchen hood fire suppression, we are a single-source provider of systems to protect your guests and property, and provide the service that keeps those systems running at their best. Whether you have one location or are part of a national chain, one call to SimplexGrinnell offers a total solution across all fire protection, life safety, security and communications needs. What’s more, we can help national organizations maintain consistency across multiple locations, reinforce your brand standards and help you keep your diverse locations in compliance.


  • Video surveillance with 24/7 monitoring and recording
  • Intrusion detection to fight theft whether open or closed
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring in freezers and other critical areas
  • Physical and electronic access control to easily manage access to sensitive areas
  • Video analytics for insights into service and maximizing profitability
  • Suppression systems, including wet sprinkler, dry sprinkler, foam, clean agent systems, and portable extinguishers
  • Customized solutions to fit your needs, schedule and budget

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