Campus environments face unique threats and have specific vulnerabilities. You not only protect people, classrooms and administrative buildings - you typically have to safeguard an extended physical environment ranging from dormitories and parking lots to sports facilities. We can help you find your best options across the entire fire and life safety spectrum, including fire alarm and detection, emergency communications and integrated security systems that layer protection to address multiple risks.

We are a premier building systems integrator and single-source provider, helping your systems work together for optimal protection while simplifying your administration of campus fire and life safety. An integrated system automates a complete chain of response to a fire or security event, from camera recordings to contact with first responders. Our emergency communications include voice-enabled technologies that can warn of fire conditions, episodes of violence, severe weather and other emergencies. Text-message subscription services, text display boards, outdoor speaker systems, and other state-of-the-art mass notification systems can be integrated in a single network-based solution along with security management (access control and intrusion detection) and video surveillance.

Let us help you create and maintain a quality campus environment where students are engaged, faculty and staff have peace of mind, and your learning environments are protected - all within your budget.

Creating Comprehensive Protection

  • Smart solutions portfolio can be packaged and scaled to meet any budget and any size challenge – from standalone retrofits to complete integrated life-safety environments
  • Easy-to-manage access control and visitor management systems, protecting classrooms and perimeter doors
  • Advanced sprinkler and suppression solutions, offering protection for your facilities - from the cafeteria to campus laboratories to libraries housing rare articles and assets
  • Integrated intercom/public address systems that can warn of fire conditions, episodes of violence, severe weather and other emergencies
  • Remote diagnostics that can monitor smoke detectors in your facilities, including dormitories and classrooms and reduce the incidence of false alarms
  • Experience completing thousands of campus upgrades, expansions and retrofits – from small, community establishments to large, multi-building institutions
  • Command control and dispatch operations to provide students and emergency responders with fast, accurate information in an emergency

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