Healthcare facilities face a daunting set of challenges in creating a safe, secure environment and providing communications solutions that enable staff to work efficiently and deliver outstanding patient care.  Not only must facilities provide reliable protection for patients, staff and visitors—operations must adhere to strict standards and requirements established by NFPA, The Joint Commission, HIPAA, FDA, and other key regulatory organizations. These aspects of your care environment and your performance are closely scrutinized.

Tyco SimplexGrinnell is a one-stop resource for helping healthcare facilities to protect life and property and improve your communications infrastructure. We do so with a focus on achieving compliance with applicable regulations, empowering your mobile staff, improving patient care and lowering system lifecycle costs.

For fire, security and life safety, thousands of hospitals and healthcare organizations rely on Tyco SimplexGrinnell’s products, solutions and services. We provide scalable, user-friendly systems, and our specialists have deep knowledge of code requirements and regulatory standards.

For nurse call and healthcare communications, we partner with industry-leader Ascom and others to solve our customers’ communications challenges. Whether you need us to install a comprehensive integrated healthcare communications solution from the ground up, or retrofit an existing system, we will tailor the solution to fit your precise needs, schedule and budget.

From the service perspective, we can keep your systems performing at their best with test and inspection, preventive maintenance, and 24/7 emergency services. As technology innovators, we are constantly developing new and better ways to minimize disruption at your facilities while safeguarding your people and property.

Optimized Life Safety with a Complete Healthcare Solution

  • Fire, security and life-safety systems and services
  • Compliance expertise around The Joint Commission, Environment of Care, UL, NFPA codes, HIPAA and other regulatory requirements
  • Holistic service and support for your systems, including fire alarm, sprinkler, suppression, special hazards, security and nurse call
  • Advanced fire alarm technology scalable for all sizes of facilities and campuses
  • State-of-the-art nurse call systems and comprehensive healthcare communications solutions
  • RTLS to track high value equipment, locate staff, manage patient flow, and measure throughput
  • Infant security and wander prevention solutions
  • Professionally monitored intrusion and fire alarm systems that use a variety of detection technologies
  • Remote diagnostics for proactive servicing of fire alarm systems
  • Electronic Inspection Reporting solutions tailored to healthcare environments and compliance requirements
  • ID and biometric access control for employees, vendors, patients and visitors
  • Video surveillance with 24/7 monitoring and recording
  • Notification systems that provide employees, patients and emergency responders with fast, accurate information in an emergency
  • Local offices familiar with compliance requirements of local codes and regulations
  • 24/7 service from knowledgeable technicians


Healthcare Communications

We can tailor an advanced, cost-effective nurse call communication solution to help your life-safety systems work together as a unified whole. Find out more

How We Can Help

Acute Care

Quality patient care is your priority. Protecting people and property is ours. Together, we will combine advanced technology in fire alarm, nurse call and security with our expertise in life-safety codes to deliver the most comprehensive solution for your fire safety, communication and services needs. Find out more

Surgical and Outpatient Clinics

Surgical centers and outpatient clinics often represent state-of-the-art facilities, housing sensitive, expensive equipment that requires extra protection. Our advanced detector technologies and integrated solutions, while flexible for your budget, help ensure the safety of your assets and people. Find out more

Assisted Living and Long Term Care

Effectively managing your facility’s critical fire and life-safety systems doesn’t have to overwhelm you. We offer advanced technology that can streamline administration while enhancing protection. Find out more

Nursing Home

Nursing homes have special challenges beyond the standard healthcare facility regulations. Our flexible solutions let you add new functions as needed, from wander prevention that safeguards patients to flexible nurse call communications to increase caregiver efficiency. Find out more

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5 Key Benefits of Addressable Speaker Technology in Healthcare Institutions
5 Key Benefits of Addressable Speaker Technology in Healthcare Institutions

The value of addressable technology is truly starting to take hold on the notification side of fire alarm systems. In these addressable notification systems, each device has a unique address and built-in intelligence to continually report its status to a fire alarm panel.

Purpose built Wireless Phones for Healthcare
Purpose built Wireless Phones for Healthcare

Myco is a purpose-built mobile communication that consolidates information from a myriad of hospital systems and delivers it into the hands of clinicians.

Personnel and Asset Location
Personnel and Asset Location

Wireless technology to locate and protect. Automatically cancel and document response to patient calls just by entering the room. Efficiently manage use of mobile assets to be ready for Joint Commission. Add to your standard security procedures and resources to protect infants and alarm for patient/resident elopement.

Magnolia Regional Medical Center
Magnolia Regional Medical Center

Magnolia Regional Medical Center's new state-of-the-art facility features an array of advanced technology systems, including a packaged communications and life-safety solution from SimplexGrinnell.