Effectively managing your facility’s critical fire and life-safety systems doesn’t have to be so time-consuming. Tyco SimplexGrinnell’s portfolio of fire, security, and life-safety systems and services is well suited to assisted living and long-term care facilities.  Our solutions help reduce disruptions in your facility, protect your people and property, and ensure compliance with applicable codes and regulations.

We also offer the latest innovations in healthcare communications systems, featuring Ascom products and solutions—the world’s leading innovator in healthcare communications technology.

As a premier design-build systems integrator, we are a one-stop resource for getting all of your systems to work together seamlessly for optimal efficiency and effectiveness. Our specialists will also work to ensure that your solution is user friendly and functions as a powerful tool in delivering the highest levels of care and resident peace of mind.



  • Fire, security and life-safety systems and services
  • Electronic Inspection Reporting solutions for your fire alarm system, a breakthrough that can dramatically streamline compliance reporting
  • Comprehensive documentation, paperwork and reporting around your life safety systems
  • Remote diagnostics enable us to proactively identify fire alarm system trouble conditions and almost dirty smoke detectors
  • With our advanced communications solutions, you can give prospective residents and their families added assurance about the selection if your facility
  • Wireless emergency call systems, including pendants or mobile wrist-worn units for residents
  • Individual duress pendants for residents alert staff to a resident’s location anywhere on the property
  • Management report tools let you easily document events and response times to improve performance and better manage risk
  • We equip caregivers with wireless devices, which can help improve patient / resident satisfaction by facilitating faster response
  • Advanced wander prevention allows residents to move freely through authorized areas, but are prevented from accessing stairwells and other dangerous areas, or leaving the facility unattended
  • Staff locations are displayed in real time at the nurse master station and on other networked computers eliminating wasted steps and prolonged searches

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