We talk tech and we listen. You have unique fire and life safety protection needs, particularly for the data centers that are the lifeblood of your business. To properly safeguard your people and your physical and intellectual property, you may need early notification through air sampling systems and a clean agent suppression system. You may also face specific requirements driven by local codes and your insurer.

We can provide customized life-safety and security solutions to meet your requirements, as well as the maintenance and service that keeps your data centers performing at their best. We can design our systems to protect and enable your data center to operate as a standalone structure in the event of a fire or catastrophic event as well as develop life-safety contingencies for unique environment that leverage our early detection and remote diagnostics technologies. Whether you’re looking for clean-agent suppression solutions, advanced fire alarm and detection or integrated, multi-technology security systems, we can help you protect your mission-critical equipment simplifying your administration of fire and life safety.

Creating Comprehensive Protection

  • Temperature and humidity monitoring to keep servers within operational limits
  • Sophisticated systems for sites where equipment require specialized fire protection and suppression solutions
  • Networked solutions to enable control from a single location
  • Intrusion detection to protect buildings and facilities
  • Physical and electronic access control to manage access to sensitive areas easily
  • Video analytics for insights into service and maximizing profitability

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